About me

I have had a passion for creativity for as long as I can remember, but I discovered my love for painting during my A-level art years. After leaving 6th form in 2012 I continued to paint at my own leisure, until 2018 when I took a step into the local art community and began displaying and selling my work to the public.

Using oil paints, I recreate beautiful seascapes and sunsets from photographs I have taken. In some cases, I work directly from the photograph and recreate the image, but I also like to develop my own impression of the photo to reflect my own feelings and visions of the land, sea and sky. Recently I have become interested in how certain colours can make us feel different emotions and have been experimenting with this in my work.

I have always lived in Dorset and my work is heavily influenced from our surrounding coasts and the stunning colours that the sky and sea create together. A particular spot I love is Chesil beach and the fleet, because it is continuously changing and captures the most beautiful sunsets. I am however always keen to take on new challenges using my own style of painting.

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